JULIA meandering drunkenly off eastern seaboard

Sunday 18th September 2016

JULIA is now centred around 200 miles south of Cape Fear, remaining a tropical depression with 25-30 knot winds only. This is still meandering around like a drunken sailor in the same area it has been stuck in for several days. JULIA's next move looks set to move towards the coast of North Carolina on Tuesday or early Wednesday, weakening as it does so. JULIA will bring enhanced rainfall to coastal North Carolina on Tuesday and Wednesday.

KARL is a disorganised tropical storm with 35 knot winds this morning. Currently centred 1300 miles east of the Leeward Islands, KARL is moving slightly south of due west at about 10 knots. A more westerly and eventually, west- nor'westerly motion is expected during the next few days. This will take KARL north of the Caribbean. The smart money is still on this becoming a hurricane as it heads north. No decisions yet on how this will affect Bermuda but it does seem as if nobody needs to batten down on the eastern seaboard as things stand.

Disturbance thirty five is now is 190 miles south-sou'east of the Cape Verde Islands and headed west-nor'west at 8 knots. On this course and heading, it will pass south of the Cape Verde Islands bringing heavy rainfall. In the longer term, the disturbance continues to show signs of organisation but a turn to the north is likely into the east Atlantic.

Stand easy.