Storm JULIA in hangover mode

Monday 19th September 2016

Tropical depression JULIA has been downgraded to a remnant low now about 95 miles south of Cape Fear. To continue yesterday's alcohol analogy, this is now at the hangover stage and is utterly drained. This cell has started to move slowly north and will dissipate as it moves into the coastal areas of eastern North Carolina bringing further but final shower and thunderstorm activity across eastern North Carolina tomorrow.

Tropical storm KARL has developed more convection and further intensification is on the cards. Now centred about 940 miles east of the Leeward Islands westbound at 12 knots, the curve to the north west is beginning which will clear the Caribbean. It is still likely that KARL will reach hurricane strength and may be at that intensity when it tracks near Bermuda next weekend. The final track is still up for grabs though and I wouldn't hoist the storm cones just yet.

Disturbance thirty five is 175 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands and is westbound at 12 knots. The disturbance is becoming better organised and a tropical depression may form over the next couple of days before an expected to move to the west-nor'west for the early to middle part of this week before turning to the northwest later this week over the eastern North Atlantic. Grief for fish and sailors only.

Some new email addressees have asked about the bewildering images which accompany our bulletins. These reports are posted on Twitter late in the evening of the day of publication and those who dabble in the dark arts of Twitter consider an accompanying image to be necessary. I do run short on ideas sometimes though and today's is a bit thin, frankly. Do join us @watkinsmarine.

Stand easy.