Fish storms KARL & LISA

Wednesday 21st September 2016

As the predicted season is defined by the number of storms that the great and the good decide we should expect, then each fish storm is good news, accepting that this view is one seafarers may not share with the same enthusiasm of course .The current run of storms turning early into the Atlantic is consuming the 2016 quota quite nicely. Two storms at large today. Two more dodged bullets we hope.

KARL has weakened to a tropical depression this morning and a recent reconnaissance flight has indicated further degradation taking place. Currently 300 miles northeast of the Leeward Islands and moving west at 12 knots, KARL will turn to the northwest and north and pass well north of the Caribbean. Environmental conditions have deteriorated and only gradual intensification is expected now. Less talk of a hurricane as it passes Bermuda in about three days time.

Tropical depression thirteen has developed into tropical storm LISA, now located far to the east, around 600 miles west-nor'west of the Cape Verde Islands and moving northwest at 7 knots with maximum sustained winds of 45 knots. LISA is expected to move to the northwest over the eastern North Atlantic over the next few days and strengthen but will not reach hurricane intensity. The smart money is on LISA to weaken to a remnant low in around four days in the eastern Atlantic without any threat to land.

Stand easy.