KARL to make close pass to Bermuda

Friday 23rd September 2016

KARL has become much better organised over the last few hours. This organisational trend and a slow strengthening trend will continue for KARL as the storm remains over warm water. The storm will make its closest approach to Bermuda as a tropical storm within the next 12 hours, passing about 60 miles to the southeast of Bermuda. Thereafter, KARL will continue to strengthen into a category one hurricane. By Sunday afternoon, a large trough will dip down over the North Atlantic and sweep KARL to the north east, weakening as it does so.

Tropical storm LISA is around 950 miles northwest of the Cape Verde islands and becoming less organised due to wind shear. An overall northwest track is expected through Saturday and Sunday until the system turns north. LISA will continue to weaken and may be a remnant low as soon as Saturday. No land areas will be impacted.

Disturbance thirty six has left the African coast a little further to the south than usual, now centred about 150 miles west of the port of Monrovia and is moving west at 13 knots. A continued westward motion is expected over the next week. By the time the disturbance is in the general vicinity of the Lesser Antilles in about a week from now - unless it turns in the meantime - when it may encounter more favourable conditions. There is some excited chatter over this.

Stand by for tropical storm conditions in Bermuda.