KARL passes close to Bermuda

Saturday 24th September 2016

Tropical storm KARL made a pass south east of Bermuda in the last two hours, about 40 miles off and with a maximum sustained wind speed of 55 knots. This storm has a windfield of 115 miles so the effect will have been felt across the entire islands. This is now accelerating to the north east and gathering in intensity and is expected to reach hurricane strength in the coming hours. By tomorrow or Monday, KARL will become an extratropical system as it tracks into the North Atlantic.

LISA is now a weakening tropical depression and will become a remnant low by either today or tomorrow. Currently centred around two-thirds of the way between Florida and Mauritania, this will have no impact on land.

Disturbance thirty six is still gathering interest amongst the storm enthusiasts. Now about a day west of the Cape Verde islands, the system is moving to the west at 12 knots. Conditions in the Atlantic are not particularly favourable but will improve when or if this enters the Caribbean in about five days' time. The actual track is highly uncertain. Much will depend on if and when this disturbance develops. There is some model consensus around a scenario in which the system makes it into the western Caribbean in about 8-10 days but this is far to early to tell.

Tough night for sailors to the north east of Bermuda, otherwise stand easy.