KARL racing off

Sunday 25th September 2016

Tropical Storm KARL is off like a whippet at over 40 knots in a north-easterly direction fluctuating between hurricane and tropical storm strength, some 1,000 miles south east of Newfoundland. This is likely to be absorbed by non-tropical pressure systems over the next 36 hours and theoretically off our normal area of coverage but we will keep an eye on this since an impact on the British Isles in four to five days time can't be discounted. One observer has drawn a track across southern England over London. Clearly the Canadian guy has found my address.

What remains of LISA is milling around in the eastern subtropical Atlantic and will continue to loaf for couple more days before dissipating. There is no threat to land from this system and hardly any threat at sea either.

Disturbance thirty six might be one to watch. Situated 1,700 miles east of the Caribbean and moving west at 20 knots, environmental conditions ahead may allow this to develop and possibly reach the Gulf of Mexico. There is a good chance that this may produce a tropical storm prior to reaching the Windward Islands late on Tuesday. Once in the Caribbean, the generally agreed track is to pass north of Tobago on Wednesday as a tropical storm. Some commentators are suggesting that this is bound for the Gulf of Mexico.

Unpleasant couple of days in the far North Atlantic otherwise stand easy.