MATTHEW to make cat 4 Florida landfall

Thursday 6th October 2016 - morning update

Half an hour ago MATTHEW was centred 240 miles south east of Miami (and about 70 miles south east of Nassau) headed north west at 10 knots. MATTHEW will make a landfall as a category four in Florida in under 24 hours time. MATTHEW has become better organised overnight, the glass has fallen further and the storm will intensify today. Winds should be at least 110 knots when it moves near Nassau today and 125 knots at landfall. Hurricane severity index rating at landfall is expected to be 30 out of a possible 50 points (13 size, 17 intensity) with a tropical storm windfield of 250 miles. This is a powerful storm. Where? Most modellers forecast a landfall just north of Palm Beach late tomorrow night then a dash along the coast to the north west.

Stand to in the Bahamas and stand by in Florida.