MATTHEW may miss landfall

Friday 7th October 2016

Hurricane MATTHEW is currently 45 miles southeast of Cape Canaveral moving north west at 10 knots and has weakened slightly but still knocking out sustained winds of 100 knots with 120 knot gusts. This is at peak now with a severity rating of 24 out of a possible 50 points (12 size, 12 intensity) and a tropical storm wind radius of 190 miles. This is still a very dangerous hurricane. There is a slight chance that the eye will just glance the coast east of Cape Canaveral but hurricane force winds will still impact the coast of Florida and hurricane conditions are likely for coastal Georgia and South Carolina tonight and tomorrow. The current consensus is for MATTHEW to turn north east and the loop clockwise off the south eastern seaboard and return for a second bite but will have weakened in the process.