MATTHEW retreating seaward from N Carolina

Sunday 9th October 2016

MATTHEW is full away on passage headed seaward at 14 knots now about 140 miles east-sou'east of Cape Hatteras leaving a relieved eastern seaboard in its wake. The storm is still knocking out 65 knot winds and has a hurricane severity index rating of 7 out of a possible 50 points (4 size, 3 intensity) with a tropical windstorm radius of 200 miles but is decreasing steadily now. There is still torrential rainfall behind MATTHEW and major river flooding is expected for eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia through much of this coming week.

Tropical storm NICOLE is located 555 miles south of Bermuda and is forecast to move slowly north over the next few days. Despite earlier assurances that NICOLE would have no impact on land, environmental conditions are favourable for development and this could become a hurricane again before passing near Bermuda on Thursday morning but will not approach the eastern seaboard.

Disturbance thirty eight is passing about 150 miles north of the entrance to Lake Maracaibo, westbound at 12 knots. Thunderstorm activity has decreased and this is likely move quietly into Central America by Tuesday.

Disturbance forty one is located about 400 miles east of Trinidad, moving to the west-nor'west at 16 knots and not expected to develop.

Rainwatch for the Carolinas.