Hurricane NICOLE moving towards Bermuda

Wednesday 12th October 2016

Category two hurricane NICOLE continues to intensify and is forecast to reach wind speeds of up to 110 knots as it passes close to the west of Bermuda tomorrow morning. Significant impact is expected ashore. From there, the system will track into the northern Atlantic. By the weekend and early next week, NICOLE will move slowly several hundred miles south of Newfoundland before finally accelerating away from Atlantic Canada.

Disturbance forty two is currently centred around 400 miles due north of the mouth of the Amazon and moving to the west-nor'west at 12 knots. There is still a slight chance of development over the next week days as it moves towards the west. This disturbance will enhance showers and thunderstorms across the Lesser Antilles beginning tomorrow.

Disturbance forty three is now about a day west of the Cape Verde islands and is moving to the west-nor'west at 13 knots. at 15 mph. This also has a slight chance of development over the next week but looks likely to make an early turn into the eastern Atlantic.

Stand by for hurricane conditions in Bermuda.