NICOLE regains hurricane strength at sea

Saturday 15th October 2016

Disturbance forty two has survived the crossing and is now about 120 miles south of the British Virgin Islands moving a little north of west at 9 knots. There is little sign of organisation to the associated cloud system other than line squalls loosely radiating from a weak centre. This will bring showers and thunderstorms along its track but tropical development is not expected. Well to the north of our normal reporting area,

NICOLE has deepened again and back up to hurricane strength with sustained winds in excess of 80 knots. For the the technical record, this is no longer a tropical system but a spin-off which is now enjoying an opportunity presented by frontal activity. This should continue to move to northeast over the next few days and will only be of interest to sailors and the odd cold-water seabird.

Disturbance forty three is way out in the central Atlantic having now curved well away from the route west, moving north east at 4 knots. As far as development is concerned this is not impressing anyone and under existing environmental conditions, unlikely to do so.

Batten down at sea and some tricky flying conditions for puffins otherwise stand easy.