Possible Greenland finale for NICOLE

Monday 17th October 2017

From west to east –
Disturbance forty six is continuing to drift aimlessly around off the low-lying Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua. This patch of disturbed air may linger in this area for several days with no significant pressure movement aloft. This will produce heavy rainfall this week across areas of Central America but wont develop.

Disturbance forty four is a trough of low pressure that is producing scattered showers and thunderstorms across the central and eastern Bahamas. This looks as if it will develop into a low pressure cell which will then move to the north-nor'west and then to the north, remaining clear of the eastern seaboard. It is too early to say whether this will have an eventual impact on Nova Scotia and Newfoundland but will in any event be a non-tropical low but could adopt subtropical characteristics and become a named storm at some time.

We have had just one day in the past five weeks when we did not have a named storm on our screens and we don't seem to be able to shake off NICOLE. This storm is no longer strictly in our reporting area and I'll drop it when it loses its named storm status. For now, NICOLE is now well out into the open north Atlantic producing 75 knot winds as it tracks towards Greenland but may dissipate on passage.
A day and a half west of the Cape Verde Islands, disturbance forty five is gently nudging to the north of the conveyor belt and is expected to curl off to the west-nor'west over the next few days. An area of low pressure may form later this week in associated with this disturbance but there is no threat to land.

Footnote - there has never been a hurricane landfall in Texas after October 16th. Today is October 16th. Just saying.......

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