New dull & uninspiring Atlantic disturbance

Sunday 30th October 2016

Disturbance forty eight continues to sit close to the coast of Honduras. This has weakened and opened out into a broad area of low pressure and is now being subjected to upper level shear. This is still expected to drift slowly to the southwest into Central America later in the week. This won't develop but is continuing to cause enhanced showers and thunderstorms across a wide area both at sea and ashore.

A new disturbance designed fifty has been identified about 300 miles north-nor'east of Puerto Rico. This is a broad area of low pressure that is currently producing scattered squalls, but is encountering very strong westerly wind shear aloft. There is a slight chance of development but it is more likely this low will remain non-tropical. Regardless of development, this low will linger to the north of Puerto Rico through Monday before moving to the northeast later next week away from the Caribbean and the United States.

Disturbance forty nine is now located about 460 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands and is moving towards the east-nor'east at little more than walking pace. This will continue to drift into the eastern Atlantic and not affect any land areas, and development is not expected.

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