Weather eye on Bay of Campeche

Friday 16th June 2017

Disturbance Six is currently centred around 100 miles south of Jamaica headed north of west at around 12 knots. This is set to merge with a growing trough around the area of the Yucatan Channel over the next 36 hours then enter the Bay of Campeche on Monday. It looks increasingly likely that this will become a tropical storm. High pressure over Texas should keep this to a straight path into Mexico around Tampico in the middle of next week. This is likely to be a sizeable system and I would not be surprised to see tropical storm strength winds as far north as the deepwater oil leases.

Disturbance Five is centred around three days sailing west of the Cape Verde islands headed west at 11 knots and expected to reach the Caribbean on Tuesday morning. Conditions ahead are marginally unfavourable for development.

Weather eye needed on the western Gulf.