CINDY ashore

Thursday 22nd June 2017

CINDY made a landfall a couple of hours ago between Cameron, Louisiana and Port Arthur, Texas. This was not particularly destructive in terms of wind but a sizeable rainmaker. Having said that, there has already been a sad fatality involving a youngster stuck by debris in beach surf. The storm itself is fragmented now, loosely centred about 10 miles inland with sustained winds of just 35 knots with the odd gust to 45 or so, however heavy rain is expected to continue into tomorrow. The heaviest rainfall can be expected across the landfall region and later, if not already into southeastern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with flooding in places.

From my viewpoint, this is now off radar. A new disturbance designed Nine has formed around 500 miles north east of the mouth of the Amazon. This is headed west at 15 knots. Conditions ahead are not ideal for development so this may peter out but could cause showers and thunderstorm over the southern Lesser Antilles at the weekend. The remains of BRET are loafing about off the coast of Nicaragua. Some increased rainfall otherwise finished.

Stand easy.