Changes to conditions in the east Atlantic

Monday 24th September 2017

Disturbance Nineteen is about a day and a half east of Trinidad moving slowly west. We had written this off yesterday as it is quite weak and is expected to remain so. This will do little more than cause heavy showers and the odd roll of thunder over the Lesser Antilles.

Disturbance Eighteen was also unnoticeable yesterday centred about 750 miles north east of the Amazon moving west-nor'west away from the convergence zone at 10 knots. This looks to be clearing all land areas and unlikely to develop.

Disturbance Twenty is new, centred around a day's steaming south west of the Cape Verde Island and moving west. This is not very promising although conditions in the central Atlantic are starting to look a little more favourable so this, and any future disturbances emerging off the coast of Africa will need to be monitored carefully going forward.

For now, stand easy.