Four live disturbances but not posing any threat

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Disturbance Nineteen is now centred around 100 miles east of Trinidad moving west at 10 knots. This will cause showers and occasional thunderstorms across the Lesser Antilles over the next couple of days but won't develop.

Disturbance Eighteen is well to the north of the convergence zone about 900 miles north-nor'east of the Amazon and moving quickly west-nor'west. This will not develop and is set to disappear in mid-Atlantic anonymity.

Disturbance Twenty is around mid-Atlantic now moving west at 18 knots. Adverse environmental conditions are keeping this from developing.

Disturbance Twenty One has launched from th African coast and is passing the Cape Verde Islands now. Too early to say.

A frontal boundary is now moving off the eastern seaboard and could produce a low pressure cell off the southeast or mid-Atlantic coast in the next few days. Worth watching.

Stand easy.