New development to launch from West Africa

Wednesday 26th July 2017

From west to east -

Disturbance Nineteen is about 150 miles west of the Windward Islands westbound at 12 knots. No development is expected.

Disturbance Eighteen is well to the northeast of Lesser Antilles and headed seaward, well clear of any land. No development is expected here either.

Disturbance Twenty lost the plot altogether mid-Atlantic after ingesting dry Saharan air and hitting a belt of upper level wind shear.

Disturbance Twenty One is centred a couple of hundred miles south east of the Cape Verde Islands and is moving west at 12 knots. Adverse conditions mean that no development is expected.

Disturbance Twenty Two has not yet left the African mainland but has already formed a lusty cloud system and has generated some excited chatter. After launching into the Atlantic in about 36 hours, some early intensification is expected. Thereafter, it is too early to say but the usual catastrophists are on this already. Yes, including the Canadian guy.

Stand easy.