New development leaving African coast

Sunday 30th July 2017

From west to east
There is a cold front across the northeastern Gulf of Mexico which has stalled and is deepening slightly. This will creep east over the next few days to move over mid-Florida and then into the Atlantic by the middle of next week. This type of pressure contour could typically spin off a low pressure cell which would then need watching.

Disturbance Twenty One is now situated about 300 miles north-nor'west of the mouth of the Amazon and headed west at 19 knots. Dry air has knocked the stuffing out of this and it is now little more than a low pressure wave. Development is most unlikely.

Disturbance Twenty Two is now 600 miles south west of the Cape Verde Islands and moving west at 18 knots. Dry air has cut in now and surface organisation seems to have gone out of the window. Development is not expected.

Disturbance Twenty Three has moved off the coast of Africa and is now passing the Cape Verde Islands. There is a large area of thunderstorms associated with this disturbance but as yet no signs of surface organisation. Some modellers are talking up development with this disturbance this week but it is too early to say this with confidence and quite frankly, smacks of desperation.

Stand easy.