HARVEY rain for Yucatan, hurricane for Texas

Tuesday 22nd August 2017

The low pressure cell that was HARVEY is crossing the Yucatan peninsula and expected to emerge into the Bay of Campeche tonight. All pointers indicate that HARVEY will become a tropical storm again. The longer this is seaborne, the stronger is will become and current models are indicating that this may reach hurricane intensity. Whilst track prediction is anybody's guess whilst HARVEY is still bouncing around across the Yucatan peninsula, there does seem to be a window in pressure gradients for this to head for Texas. Eyes on Corpus Christi at the moment.

Disturbance Thirty One is milling about over the Bahamas now and will be a cause of heavy rainfall over Florida for the next few days. An excursion into the north east Gulf is less likely now before this heads north east into the subtropical Atlantic.

Disturbance Thirty Four is now a day west of the Cape Verde Islands, westbound at 18 knots. Dry air is keeping development in check for the time being.

Storm plans ready for the western Gulf of Mexico.