After cat 4 landfall, HARVEY camping out in southern Texas

Saturday 26th August 2017

HARVEY made a violent category 4 landfall last night. Due to a reduced ground speed, the effect of the eye passing over at slow speed has been described as two landfalls several hours apart in and around Rockport and the Corpus Christi area. The rate of strengthening prior to landfall was very swift and had HARVEY remained at sea for a few more hours, it is almost certain that this would have strengthened further and made a category 5. Small consolation of course now that wind shock has given way to catastrophic flooding in places. HARVEY is going to be with us for several days and bringing continued torrential rain. Currently stalled close to Victoria, Texas, HARVEY is weakening and likely to drop below hurricane force today and a slow meander around its current location for a day or two. Thereafter all pointers still have a return to sea, strong redevelopment and second landfall in south-east Texas. Storm plans should be revisited ashore and offshore as HARVEY will be back for more.

Disturbance Thirty One is still lounging about over central Florida causing heavy rainfall. This is still expected to drift to the northeast during the next few days before moving off the coast. It is hard to say at the moment if this will slide off into Atlantic anonymity or beef up and have its day along the eastern seaboard or Atlantic Canada - both equally possible at the moment.

Disturbance Thirty Four is now about 750 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, moving slightly north of west at 17 knots. This is radiating a few squalls but otherwise not developing.

Disturbance Thirty Five is now about three days steaming west of the Cape Verde Islands, westbound at 17 knots. This is grappling with dry air which will inhibit development.

Storm stations continue around Corpus Christi.