HARVEY heading seaward

Monday 28th August 2017

The centre of HARVEY is now moving slowly east-sou'east at walking pace towards the coast and is expected to be seaborne by nightfall. Rainfall is being described as 'unprecedented'. There is now much chatter around a band of dry air which is being pulled into the formation. This is causing growing confidence that HARVEY will not resurrect with strength offshore and only reach a hurricane severity rating of 3 out of a possible 50 points (2 size, 1 intensity) which is bearable from a wind aspect although torrential rain will continue. Some observers are suggesting that the second landfall will not take place in Texas at all but south western Louisiana without topping 45 knot winds which is good news for the offshore assets.

Disturbance Thirty One has been upgraded to Disturbance Ten now and expected to strengthen to a tropical storm later. This will pass near the Carolinas late today and tomorrow producing some heavy rains and tropical storm force winds and thereafter head seaward, only bothering fish and sailors.
Disturbance Thirty Six is now passing north-east of the Leeward Islands, moving west-nor'west at 18 knots. Over the next few days, this will cause an increase in rainfall and the odd roll of thunder across the Greater Antilles and Bahamas but without development.

Flood alerts continue in southern Texas.