Louisiana swansong for HARVEY

Tropical storm HARVEY made its final landfall near Cameron, Louisiana this morning still leaving catastrophic rainfall around Beaumont in its wake. The worst of the rainfall albeit lessening is now leaving Texas for south western Louisiana. With maximum winds of 40 knots, HARVEY has had its day as a windstorm as it starts to move inland and weaken over the lower Mississippi valley.

Disturbance Thirty One flirted briefly with subtropical storm strength before being absorbed into a fairly meaty low pressure system in the western North Atlantic and is off our radar now.

Disturbance Thirty Four is about mid way between Jamaica and northern Venezuela moving west at 18 knots. Environmental conditions are not favourable for development.

Disturbance Thirty Six is around 250 miles west of the Cape Verde islands moving slightly north of west at 18 knots. Conditions ahead are marginally favourable for development when it reaches the Caribbean in around a week.

Last rain warning in Texas and Louisiana otherwise stand easy.