JOSE remains undecided

Wednesday 13th September 2017

Hurricane JOSE is still milling about in more or less the same position, with a slight drift to the southeast. The system will gradually loop around back to the west by Thursday and but Friday most commentators indicate that the system will turn north and then out to sea. However, the pattern later this week and into early next week will be complex and therefore increases the uncertainty in our forecast. One report from the UK met office last night had a long sweep into southern Florida, but hasn't appeared since, thankfully. There is still uncertainty, and an impact of the eastern seaboard really can't be ruled out.

Disturbance Thirty Nine is now headed harmlessly north into the subtropical Atlantic, nearer Morocco than the Caribbean. This is likely to slip away soon.

Disturbance Forty is about two days steaming west of the Cape Verde Islands westbound at 12 knots. along 25W. It's moving to the west near 15 mph. If this were to make it as far west as the eastern Caribbean it would do so by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. There is no sign of development just now.

Disturbance Forty One is just about to move off the coast of Africa, also westbound at 12 knots. Early days.

Whilst JOSE is bothering fish and the odd sailor, the rest of us may stand easy.