OPHELIA bullying sailors

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Disturbance Fifty Two has formed from a blip in a tropical wave just 80 miles north east of the British Virgin Islands moving west-nor'west at 15 knots. There is a generally low chance of development over the next week although conditions may be more favourable on Thursday for it to become a tropical depression or weak tropical storm. By the weekend, environmental conditions will deteriorate again as it enters the southeastern Gulf of Mexico by Saturday where it is expected weaken or dissipate due to increasing wind shear. Hurrah.

Disturbance Forty Nine is now 550 miles east-nor'east of the Leeward Islands moving north-nor'west at 15 knots. The disturbance will turn north and weaken soon posing no threat to land.

Tropical Storm OPHELIA is now centred 790 miles west-sou'west of the Azores almost stationary. Maximum winds have increased to 45 knots. This will track slowly to the southeast tomorrow before turning to the northeast when it is expected to become a hurricane before passing to the south of the southern Azores this weekend. This will only bother sailors and the odd fish.

Disturbance Fifty One is located over 1500 miles east of Trinidad moving to the west-nort'west at 25 knots. This extravagant ground speed will prevent tropical development as it heads for the Leeward Islands.

A difficult day at sea.