ALBERTO set for Florida panhandle

Sunday 27th May 2018

ALBERTO has been edging up in intensity for the last few hours and has just hit tropical storm strength, becoming the first named storm of the 2018 season, just a few days before the nominal start date of June 1st.

The wobble to the west has righted itself and we are now back towards a landfall on the Florida panhandle early tomorrow.

Currently centred around 110 miles west of Tampa on a north-nor'westerly heading, ALBERTO has a hurricane severity index rating of 2 - 1 for size and 1 for intensity - and an expected peak of just 5 - 2 for size and 3 for intensity, which is fairly weak in absolute terms. Wind speeds at present are between 35 and 45 knots over a radius of 70 miles. This isn't expected to increase much at peak, perhaps 90 miles and a maximum wind speed of 60 knots.

ALBERTO is likely to be remembered more for rainfall than strong winds. Upper level shear is still displacing the worst excesses to the east which will mean heavyweights rain along the eastern seaboard of the Florida peninsula as well as along the Gulf coast as far west, perhaps as the mouth of the Mississippi.

Stand by Florida panhandle for landfall.