Rainmaker crossing Yucatan peninsula

Thursday 14th June 2018

From west to east,
Disturbance Three has just started crossing the Yucatan now headed north-west at around 9 knots. As this crosses the peninsula and takes to the water again tomorrow, it will be encountering upper level shear which will scupper any ideas of vertical development as it presses on towards the coast of Texas. No storm, but rain heavy rain will come, typically 2-6 inches with 10 to 12 inches in places and likely to persist for several days.

Disturbance Five is now passing Aruba westbound at a blistering 28 knots. Blink and you'll miss it, aside from heavy rain as it passes north-western Venezuela and northern Colombia today.

Disturbance Six has formed mid-Atlantic in the centre of the convergence zone, moving west at 18 knots. Ground speed and Saharan sand should prevent development.

Stand easy.