Warnings of localised flooding for Texas

Sunday 17th June 2018

Disturbance Three is pressing on towards the coast of Texas where it is expected to make a landfall in around 12 hours time. This is starting to clear the band of upper level shear and could develop, but given the limited amount of time available, it is unlikely to do anything significant. This will however increase shower and thunderstorm activity over the western Gulf of Mexico and coastal & southern Texas and northeastern Mexico from now until the middle of the week. In the strongest thunderstorms, some strongish gusts up to 50 knots may be measured in offshore areas. Rain will be a substantial issue with some localised flooding, I'm afraid.

Disturbance Six is about 12 hours east of the Windward Island, still headed due west at about 12 knots but is not expected to develop aside from enhance shower and thunderstorm activity across the islands from now through tomorrow.

Stand by for rain in Texas otherwise stand easy.