Sign of movement about to leave African coast

Sunday 1st July 2018

There are two new disturbances across the reporting region today. The first of these is Disturbance Twelve which is forming in the tail of a weak trough over the Florida panhandle and expected to creep west following the coast. As this will be circulating over land as well as warm sea water, is is unlikely to develop but it will bring rainfall to the northern Gulf coast over the next few days, heavier by the time is reaches Texas later in the week.

Disturbance Ten has passed the Windward Islands and is moving west at a brisk 25 knots, a speed which should ensure no tropical development.

Disturbance Eleven is centred around midway across the convergence zone moving west at 20 knots. This will reach the Windward Islands in the next couple of days but without tropical development.

Aerial imagery shows Disturbance Thirteen over The Gambia preparing to get under way on an Atlantic crossing. Whilst this looks quite impressive, this will hit a wall of sand once it gets seaborne which will prevent any meaningful development.

Stand easy.