Rainmaker over southern Texas

Thursday 5th July 2018

From west to east

Disturbance Twelve is passing over southern Texas and north eastern Mexico. I am reliably informed that around the Houston area creeks and bayous are getting close to bank full with rain continuing. Nonetheless this won't develop further and is off radar now.

Disturbance Ten crossed the coast of Nicaragua and will move into Central America and southern Mexico today and is not a threat to develop.

Disturbance Eleven is centred around 200 miles south of Jamaica westbound at 18 knots and is also headed for an uneventful if wet landfall in Nicaragua. No tropical development is expected.

New Disturbance Fourteen formed over warm water close to Bermuda and is creeping west. This doesn't look to be developing tropical characteristics and in any event, looks likely to turn to the north and east over the next couple of days and head seaward.

Disturbance Thirteen is putting up a spirited fight against airborne sand although aerial imagery shows that squalls have decreased slightly and there has been some weakening overnight. Currently centred around 250 miles north east of the Amazon delta headed west at 18 knots. Further hostile conditions await and this will weaken further before curving north west and then north before reaching the Caribbean thus no threat to the Gulf of Mexico or eastern seaboard.

Stand easy.