CHRIS stationary off Cape Hatteras

Monday 9th July 2018

My apologies to those of you who may not have received our daily report yesterday – another bug in the system, I'm told. BERYL has weakened considerably to little more than an open wave, currently centred about 120 miles south of Puerto Rico headed west-nor'west at 25 knots. This still has the odd gust associated with it but will continue to soften as it sweeps ashore into the Dominican Republic. There is some chatter about a revival close to the Bahamas in the next few days but upper level shear should see that off.

Tropical Storm CHRIS has stalled around 200 miles south-sou'east of Cape Hatteras with maximum sustained winds of around 55 knots. As CHRIS spins its wheels over a fixed position, agitation and upwelling of seawater is bringing colder water to the surface which is already causing some weakening. This may continue for the next day or two before CHRIS starts heading north-east, possibly strengthening again as it passes over warmer water. The expected track is then to pass clear of the eastern seaboard but then converge again passing near to or over Nova Scotia later in the week with our guy in Canada, the Blind Sniper, still expecting this to become a hurricane. We'll see.

Storm cones aloft over Cape Hatteras. Otherwise, stand easy.