CHRIS developing in the western Atlantic

Tuesday 10th July 2018

Tropical Storm CHRIS is still spinning its wheels around 200 miles south-sou'east of Cape Hatteras with a maximum measured wind speed of 65 knots. Now the initial period of water upwelling has passed, CHRIS seems to be intensifying again and there are now some credible agencies talking up a hurricane developing as it heads north-west.

This won't really have much effect on the eastern seaboard aside from some spectacular surf conditions, but may have more serious impact as it passes close to Nova Scotia on Thursday and onwards to Newfoundland on Friday.

What little remains of BERYL is scattered over the Dominican Republic and moving towards the west-nor'west. There is a slight chance that this could revive as it nears the Bahamas over the next few days, but I'm doubtful given the presence of upper level wind shear.

A new disturbance - Fifteen – has piped up amidst the airborne sand about three days west of the Cape Verde Islands and is unlikely to develop as it tracks west at 18 knots.

Surf's up over the eastern seaboard and storm cones aloft over Nova Scotia, otherwise stand easy.