Weakened CHRIS headed for Cape Race landfall

Thursday 12th July 2018

The last knockings of BERYL are centred located around 300 miles east of Jacksonville moving north at 10 knots and expected to peel off seaward to the north-east in a day or so. There are no signs of reorganisation although environmental conditions ahead are marginally favourable for development but even if this were to occur, BERYL would not intensify beyond minimal tropical storm intensity and only bully sailors.

Tropical storm CHRIS is now centred 300 miles south-west SW of St. John's, Newfoundland headed north-east at 35 knots. At this speed CHRIS will continue to weaken fast, nonetheless, heavy squalls and strong gales are expected over south-eastern Newfoundland later today as it makes a landfall close to Cape Race. By tomorrow morning,

CHRIS will have completed transition to a strong, non-tropical system and accelerate away from Newfoundland. The current, peak hurricane severity rating is 8 out of a possible 50 points (4 for size and 4 for intensity), producing 60 to 75 knot winds with a tropical storm force wind radius of 200 miles.

Two days steaming west of the Cape Verde Islands, Disturbance Sixteen is moving west at 12 knots but suffering the effects of airborne sand which will keep a lid on development.

Stand by for tropical storm CHRIS landfall over south-eastern Newfoundland.