Letís hear it for the Blind Sniper

Friday 13th July 2018

Ex-tropical storm CHRIS has raced away seaward from the Canadian coast and has become absorbed into a frontal system, well off radar now. Regular readers will recall that the our old friend the Blind Sniper correctly predicted that this would achieve hurricane strength, although his foresight is tempered slightly by the fact that this was his fourth such prediction this season. Some limited credit is due, so let's hear it for the Canadian guy.

The remnants of BERYL are loosely centred midway between the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Bermuda moving to the north-nor'east at 8 knots and shaping up to turn to the northeast over the next day or so, and head out into then western Atlantic. Upper level shear is getting the better of this now and limiting any chance of revival. A slim chance still exists but won't really threaten any land mass as it heads towards colder waters while approaching Newfoundland on Sunday.

Disturbance Sixteen is now centred around three days steaming west of the Cape Verde Islands, westbound at a blistering 24 knots. A pointlessly excessive ground speed and airborne sand should prevent development for the time being.

Stand easy.