Uneventful day at sea

Saturday 4th August 2018

A new non-tropical cell has developed some 800 miles west of the Azores, a little to the north of our usual area of interest. Disturbance Twenty Three is expected to move southwest over warmer water over the weekend and may develop briefly. Early next week, this will turn back and head northeast over cooler water again without really bothering anyone.

Meanwhile, back in convergence zone latitudes, Disturbance Twenty One is now centred around 400 miles due north of the mouth of the Amazon headed west at 21 knots. This is expected to cause shower and thunderstorm activity across the Lesser Antilles on Sunday evening but otherwise has little chance of tropical development.

Disturbance Twenty Two is crossing the Cape Verde Islands now as it heads west at 12 knots. Youthful enthusiasm has been largely suppressed by airborne sand and development is highly unlikely.

Stand easy.