Movie enthusiasts set to be disappointed by track of storm DEBBY

Wednesday 8th August 2018

Disturbance Twenty Three took advantage of a development window in the eastern subtropical Atlantic and became tropical storm DEBBY (sic). A couple of hours ago, this was centred around 480 miles south-east of Newfoundland and is moving slowly to the north-nor'west producing 35 to 40 knot winds but is already weakening. This should soon start to head harmlessly north-east and will not pose a threat to any land areas. Much to the disappointment of some of the more avid motion picture enthusiasts among our readership, DEBBY will remain a long way from Dallas.

Disturbance Twenty Two is centred about a day and a half east of the Lesser Antilles, westbound at 18 knots. Aside from some heavy showers and the odd peal of thunder across the Lesser Antilles later tomorrow, no tropical development is expected.

Stand easy.