New disturbance in North Atlantic

Sunday 12th August 2018

Well to the north of the tropical convergence zone, Disturbance Twenty Five has piped up just over 500 miles south-sou'east of Newfoundland. Conditions could prove favourable for tropical or subtropical development this week as the system loafs about in its current position. Regardless of development, this will head seaward to the north east without bothering anyone ashore.

Disturbance Twenty Two is passing the Cayman Islands now, westbound as 16 knots. This is shaping up as a large spread of squalls but lacks any meaningful surface organisation as it heads towards the Bay of Campeche late tomorrow.

Disturbance Twenty Four - currently centred around 450 miles north east of the Amazon delta is still putting up a spirited fight in adverse development conditions but is really only likely to bring heavy rain to the Lesser Antilles towards the middle to latter part of this coming week.

Stand easy.