Disturbance Twenty Five lounging around lazily, well clear of land

Tuesday 14th August 2018

From west to east –

Disturbance Twenty two continued its race west, crossing the Yucatan peninsula overnight. This loosely-packed spread of showers and thunderstorms is now half way across the Bay of Campeche on a westerly heading at 22 knots. This will remain unremarkable only producing enhance showers and the odd peal of thunder across the Bay of Campeche and southern Mexico as it makes an uneventful landfall in southern Mexico later.

Disturbance Twenty Four is about a day east of northernmost Leeward Islands on a westerly course at 18 knots, making its closest approach to the islands some time tomorrow. This will cause enhanced rainfall ashore from tonight, through tomorrow and into early Thursday but is still beset by airborne sand which will prevent development.
Well to the north, Disturbance Twenty Five is centred around 650 miles to the south-sou'east of Newfoundland, lounging around like a bored teenager doing not very much. Aerial imagery shows a wide spread of isolated thunderstorms but without any real effort to get out of bed, to continue the thin analogy. Conditions aloft are changing and the environment may become more favourable for a burst of energy tomorrow, but will only wander harmlessly seaward to the north-east, where it will probably tire quickly and have a well-earned rest again.

Disturbance Twenty Six is passing close to the north of the Cape Verde Islands moving to the west at 14 knots. Airborne sand means environmental conditions will remain unfavourable for development as it embarks on its Atlantic crossing.

Stand easy.