Dry air, calm sea

Friday 24th August 2018

Disturbance Twenty Eight continues to limp west at 18 knots in a cloud of dust, barely showing any rain at all in satellite imagery. If this survives the crossing, it is likely to cross the northernmost Leeward Islands in two to three days' time.

Disturbance Twenty Nine is just passing the Cape Verde Islands now, westbound at 18 knots. This looks set to have an equally torrid crossing and prospects are not favourable for development. I do have a slight hunch that pressure gradients to the south of Florida next weekend might create a window of opportunity if this was to track a little north and manage to escape the sand pit of the tropical Atlantic, but I'm no fan of long range forecasts, so not pushing this thought too hard. Even the Canadian guy isn't looking at this tenuous theory.

Stand easy.