Fishstorm FLORENCE set to remain seaborne

Saturday 1st September 2018

Disturbance Twenty Nine has opened up into a low pressure wave extending from the western Caribbean across Jamaica, east Cuba and into the southern Bahamas, the northern end of which is flirting with an upper level low pressure cell north of Cuba. Once these merge, development chances will increase as the whole shebang approaches the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days with the smart money on some surface organisation in the northern Gulf. The jury remains out as to whether this will produce a tropical depression or tropical storm for the central Gulf coast or a gentler drift towards Texas but in any event, this will enhance shower and thunderstorm activity along the entire Gulf coast from western Florida Panhandle across to southern Texas.

Weak Disturbance Thirty is now around 250 miles north of the mouth of the Amazon moving west at 18 knots. This shows neither interest nor prospect of tropical development.

Tropical Storm FLORENCE is located 200 miles west-sou'west of the Cape Verde Islands moving west-nor'west at 12 knots and producing winds gusting force 9. Low pressure to the north will pull the cyclone north-west then north by the middle of next week with no impact on land, just a few uncomfortable days for fish and sailors.

Weather watch on FLORENCE and the eastern Gulf, otherwise stand easy.