FLORENCE westbound and set to intensify

Thursday 6th September 2018

In the west, Disturbance Thirty is ashore over the Yucatan and GORDON is disappearing into the southern mid-west of the US, both off radar now.

In the central North Atlantic, category 2 hurricane FLORENCE is weakening slightly as it crosses cooler water 1100 miles east-sou'east of Bermuda, headed north-west at 8 knots. Despite weakening, this is still gusting up to a horrible 110 knots and will reintensify later. Yesterday's speculation that this will have no impact on either Bermuda or the United States may have been premature. There is much speculation on intensification and tracks on either side of west, but little talk of weakening or a turn to the east which, as this heads towards the eastern seaboard, worries me.
Disturbance Thirty Two is about two days west of the Cape Verde Island heading west at 12 knots. If this manages to stay ahead of the new disturbance close behind, this may have a development opportunity around the eastern Caribbean late next week.

Disturbance Thirty Three is emerging from the African coast and looks set to develop soon after getting under way. We'll watch this.

Foul sea conditions around FLORENCE, otherwise stand easy.