FLORENCE flash flooding North & South Carolina

Saturday 15th September 2018

From west to east,

ISAAC lost its surface organisation this morning around 200 miles south of Haiti and this has subsequently been downgraded to a depression and is not expected to redevelop.

FLORENCE continues moving slowly west across northeastern South Carolina with no sustained tropical storm-force winds, although some gusts are still being experienced in the eastern side over the Atlantic. The principal threat remains flash flooding from torrential rainfall as feeder squalls continue to stream across the coastal areas of southeastern North Carolina east of Wilmington. As the storm centre moves slowly west this rain sector will move west across Wilmington over the next hour or two and into northeastern South Carolina tonight. As much as 2 inches or rain per hour can be expected along with isolated tornadoes. FLORENCE will weaken to a tropical depression this evening as it moves into central South Carolina then accelerate north-west across eastern Tennessee and Kentucky tomorrow and into Monday as a remnant low pressure area.

Tropical Storm JOYCE will track west-nor'west over the next few days while remaining south of the Azores. This is not expected to have any impact on the Azores and will eventually dissipate as it accelerates to the north-west.

Tropical Storm HELENE will pass near the Azores today bringing periods of tropical storm force winds with the heaviest squalls brushing the islands tonight. Thereafter it should lose its tropical characteristics as it accelerates towards the north-west with a slim chance of remnants bringing some seasonal gloom to Ireland on Monday night.

Disturbance Thirty Eight is about a day west of the Cape Verde Islands headed west at 8 knots. The system is disorganised and is expected to remain weak.
Stand by for more torrential rain and flash flooding across North & South Carolina and storm cones aloft over the Azores.