FLORENCE taking human toll

Sunday 16th September 2018

FLORENCE has weakened to a tropical depression as it crosses central South Carolina headed west-nor'west at 7 knots, nonetheless still a significant rainmaker. The tail end of this cyclone is ashore although there is still some coastal cycling of ‘sea water in east, torrential rain out west' which will add to flash flooding. Sadly, FLORENCE has taken its human toll and forecasters are still warning of danger to life. Today's image is taken from a clever and terrifying illustration made by The Weather Channel https://youtu.be/bRkXPuGAHkE - fingers crossed that this works.

What is left of ISAAC will bring enhanced shower and thunderstorms across Jamaica over the next day or two but still lacks shape and is unlikely to resurface.

Tropical Disturbance Thirty Eight is around 3 days west of the Cape Verde Islands on a westerly heading making around 12 knots. It's nice to see some dry air again which will keep development in check. Let's hear it for sand.

Tropical Storm JOYCE will pass south of the Azores over the next few days while weakening and offering no significant threat to land.

HELENE passed about 100 miles north of the Azores overnight and began accelerating into the north east Atlantic, the meteorological knacker's yard at this time of the season. Headed north-east at a blistering 23 knots, this should weaken and dissipate over the next few days. There may be some residual muck and filth for Ireland on Tuesday, if there is any left as this self-shreds.

Storm cones down across all areas but flash flooding remains a viable threat across the Carolinas.