LESLIE & KIRK no threats to land

Monday 24th September 2018

From west to east,

Disturbance Forty One remains a weak low-pressure system located 400 miles southwest of Bermuda moving west at 5 knots. This track is likely to continue without significant development until the system approaches the Outer Banks of North Carolina then will turn tomorrow into Wednesday towards the northeast and accelerate into North Atlantic oblivion later this week.

Tropical Depression Eleven deepened overnight and became Tropical Storm LESLIE, centred in the north central Atlantic, midway between the Azores and Bermuda. This will loaf about in the same area for a few days before merging with an approaching low pressure area in a few days without approaching land. 

An excessive ground speed and some upper level wind shear set phasers to stun and zapped Tropical Storm KIRK, weakening it to a tropical depression. Now centred around 1,000 miles west-sou'west of the Cape Verde Islands and speeding west at 22 knots, this may have a second shot at developing as it slows down and nears the Leeward Islands on Wednesday. Irrespective of development, hostile conditions await in the south eastern Caribbean which should see it disappear.

Disturbance Forty Four has piped up on the African coast. It is quite early to put any money on track and intensity, but this does appear rather weak. We will have a better idea tomorrow.

A few patches of lumpy seas, otherwise stand easy.