KIRK beamed up

Saturday 29th September 2018

KIRK weakened overnight and has dissipated. All that remains is a weak open wave some 250 miles south of Puerto Rico which is headed generally west at about 12 knots into debilitating upper level wind shear. So much for for Canadian guy's hurricane, eh?

Subtropical Storm LESLIE is now around 800 miles east-nor'east of Bermuda and moving slowly west-sou'west. This Is still expected to intensify further and reach hurricane intensity in the next couple of days. In the long term, LESLIE is expected to remain at sea.

Disturbance Forty Five is about a day west of the Cape Verde Islands moving slightly north of due west at 16 knots. Environmental conditions are not expected to be favourable for further development as things stand.

Mucky days in the central Atlantic otherwise stand easy.