One solitary interest seaborne

Tuesday 16th October 2018

Disturbance Forty Nine is ashore over Honduras and moving inland. So much for the Canadian guy's cat 4 hurricane for Florida. He hasn't given up though and now has this down for tropical storm development when it enters the Pacific. Whatever.*

Disturbance Fifty Two is about 12 hours east of the Leeward Islands headed west at 18 knots and is expected to remain weak as it tracks into the Caribbean. This isn't expected to do much more than produce enhanced shower and thunderstorm activity over the Lesser Antilles and the eastern Caribbean tomorrow and Thursday. One word of caution. At this stage of the season, we need to keep an eye on two hot-spots - anything heading towards the Florida peninsula and - the far western Caribbean which could make a sudden strike north, and so we would need to keep a weather eye on this.

(*As an afterthought, reading the overnight reports from the Pacific, he might have a sound argument for this).

For now, stand easy.