Brief but unlikely surge of excitement for the Blind Sniper

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

No sooner had Disturbance Fifty Four shuffled off into central America, than Disturbance Fifty Five piped up. This is the time of season where short-lead developments may occur in either the western Caribbean or western Atlantic with uncertain intentions.

Disturbance Fifty Five is centred around 800 miles south-east of Bermuda and has some fertile development conditions ahead. The Canadian guy (or ‘Blind Sniper') is salivating wildly of course, but he's in for another disappointment. As things stand, this is set to move north then turn west by the weekend, before heading north again, when wind shear will be waiting. If this were to develop at all, it will in all likelihood remain seaborne, passing well east of Bermuda.

Stand easy.