Aerial reconnaissance reveals subtropical storm ANDREA

Tuesday 21st May 2019

The large and elongated area of clouds and thunderstorms which formed Disturbance One, became organised overnight. After an American air force Hurricane Hunter reconnaissance flight buzzed the system and found a closed circulation pattern with a well-defined centre and winds of 35 knots with 45 knot gusts, the disturbance was upgraded to subtropical storm ANDREA. This is the fifth consecutive season in which a storm has formed prior to June 1st.

ANDREA is currently centred 250 miles south-west of Bermuda and headed a tad east of north at just 5 knots. Early observations show this to be weakening already and is likely to be short-lived for a day or two before weakening south of Bermuda.

Minimal impact is expected for Bermuda. Other than some mild unpleasantness offshore, stand easy.