Reflection on the significance of another quiet day.

Wednesday 26th June 2019

There are no significant meteorological features across the region today. I have had one or two emails asking if this lull in the season is significant. I have checked our records here back to 2013 and in short, the answer is no. We have had just the one storm, ANDREA and seen off Disturbance Four in the past few days.

At this stage in 2013, we'd had 10 disturbances with CHANTAL to come on 7th July.

In 2014, we'd had 5 disturbances but no storms to date with ARTHUR to come in the first week in July.

In 2015, Disturbance Five had dissipated with CLAUDETTE to come on 13th July.

DANIELLE had just made an unimpressive appearance in the Gulf of Campeche in 2016 and Disturbance Eight was loafing around, going nowhere and set to disappear in the southern Caribbean.

In 2017, Disturbance Nine was fading around the Netherlands Antilles under attack from upper level shear. Our next storm EMILY would not appear until late July.

Last year, sand from the Sahara to Sierra Madre had seen off Disturbance Seven. CHRIS was to make an appearance as a hurricane but harmlessly clear of Nova Scotia around 10th July.

For the time being then, quiet days and more images of peaceful beach days and calm at sea for our Twitter followers on @WatkinsMarine.

Stand easy.