BARRY dissipating over central Arkansas

1320 GMT Monday 15th July 2019

From west to east;
What remains of BARRY is dissipating rapidly over western Arkansas. There is however still the odd strong gust and heavy rainfall will continue across areas of the middle and lower Mississippi Valley today.

Disturbance Ten dissipated overnight in the southern Caribbean.

Disturbance Twelve is approaching the Netherlands Antilles on a westerly track at a brisk 28 knots. This is producing some enhanced thunderstorm activity across the eastern Caribbean but environmental conditions ahead are currently unfavourable which, with the accelerated ground speed, will prevent tropical development.

Disturbance Thirteen is also westbound at a gallop, three days steaming west of the Cape Verde Islands. This is showing very little rotation and with limited thunderstorm activity and dry air nibbling at its core is expected to weaken over the next few days.

Stand easy.